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Attractive, easy to use, functional websites are developed and hosted by our in-house web design team at Defined Branding who manage a healthy portfolio of online clients.

We offer full service support, from logistics and planning, to usability studies, professional web-layouts and programming for custom-built Content Management System (CMS) and e-commerce websites. We specialise in front and back-end development using the latest techniques and scripting to ensure cross-browser compatibility and an array of platforms, including responsive interfaces for mobile browsing.

Over the years we have developed a powerful CMS that allows our clients to easily update and modify their website. The CMS can also be customised to add powerful features to make your website stand out from the rest and adapt to a unique website interface.

With an ever-growing demand for better user experience, our web development is constantly evolving. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you take the first step and develop and market a website you can boast about.

Content Management System:

Secure, Reliable Web Hosting with Defined Branding
Our websites are hosted on dedicated servers to provide the best possible solutions to the ever-growing demand of speed and online security. We offer several customisable web hosting solutions to suit all business needs, from basic websites to advanced website applications and databases.

Would you like to learn more or have a query about our hosting packages? Contact Us and we'll be happy to answer!