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Defined Branding’s  founders come from local and international creative marketing backgrounds. Stephanie is a web programmer turned marketeer in 2003. She headed website and social media projects for local leading agencies and companies for over a decade before starting her own successful online business from the ground up.

Jody started off as a screen printing artist back in the 80’s, soon after graduating Art School. He moved to England where he worked as a graphic designer on international accounts such as British Airways, British Waterways and the Society Of London Theater, returning to Malta in the late 90’s to head some of the largest local design teams as Creative Director for JPA, MAS, ANG, Peak Ogilvy,  and Lighthouse. He is a true wizard at his craft but doesn’t take himself too seriously.

He can, in fact, often be found in the sound booth making funny impersonations in between voice-over takes.

As the man who helped put together a number of creative teams for local agency owners , Jody recognized the need for a more friendly approach to agency-life. He got together with his wife Stephanie to create an agency that feels like the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival!

By bringing together Stephanie’s digital experience in creating SEO optimized websites and effective online marketing campaigns, and Jody’s background in MadMen style branding agencies in the UK and Malta, we created a personal, yet effective new way of servicing the advertising and marketing needs of innovative service-based companies, online retailers and B2B companies.

Before they met us, a lot of our clients were spending a lot of time and money on their marketing and not seeing much ROI (return on investment), especially with online marketing. This is the same problem Stephanie had experienced with her online business. A lot of people try to resolve this by spending more money or hiring a different agency that unfortunately takes the same approach and sinks more money into the problem.


The thing is… creativity without a clear defined strategy in the vast online space is like building a beautiful 7 star hotel in the middle of the Sahara desert, no-one is going to find it. You can spend a lot of time and money on online marketing and barely leave a ripple in the sea of social posts.


Stephanie used her innovative approach for her online business first and then, once proven, we started using this with our clients. We realized that measurement is key, so we work on making sure you’re measuring your return on investment. (Yes, we help you measure our performance)

The old adage “What cannot be measured cannot be improved” couldn’t be more apt. In our process, what cannot be measured gets parked. We then work on making sure you have the tools to harvest as many leads and sales as possible from your website and online marketing touch-points. We created a system that measures the small wins on a small spend, scaling them and amplifying them to give your sales team more and more leads to work.

We also provide a number of standalone services to complement any campaign or create it from scratch. We provide highly focused Content Marketing Campaigns that bring together the power of Professional Video Production, quality SEO-ed Copywriting, Facebook Advertising, Blogging and lead generation strategies to provide strong ROI to Tech & SAAS Companies, eCommerce businesses, service-based businesses and B2B companies.


We work with local and international clients and our directors regularly speak at events providing content marketing thought leadership and workshops.


Our marketing services include content marketing strategy, weekly blogging, creative design and copywriting for social media, website seo-ed copywriting, market intelligence reports, whitepapers, eBook writing and design, Brochure and Logo design, video marketing, filming and editing, voice-overs and social media management.

Do you want to work with experienced professionals with a strong track record

so you can get high quality creative marketing without wasting your time and money?

Are you open to a personal invite for a digital coffee with Stephanie or Jody?


We promise to speak plain English, or Maltese (pick Stephanie for that) because we believe true professionals don’t need to drop industry terms and use big words to impress. We let our results impress you.

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