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Video Adverts

Do you want more visibility, attention and engagement but not sure where to start?

Do you feel like your marketing messages are being drowned in a flurry of social media activity?

A lot of people struggle with this and their first reaction is to create more content more frequently. Unfortunately the only thing this achieves with the 2020 algorithms of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is less visibility due to spammy behavior.

Content Marketing

Struggle to get enough leads in your business?
Does your sales team know where their next lead is coming from?

Are your marketing efforts producing a consistent stream of leads for your business?

If you answered no, or a drop of sweat appeared on your brow, you may need to up your content marketing game. When people realize they need more leads in their business, they often book more magazine adverts, buy billboard space or send out press releases… but still they get no leads, or very little to show for their big spend.

Brand Development

Do people perceive you as cheap?
Do your prospects tell you you’re too expensive?
Or have a problem building trust and closing sales?

If you’ve been experiencing any of these in your company, chances are you don’t have a strong positioning in the market and are being perceived as a cheap brand. Often when this happens business owners opt to lower their prices. But that starts a race to the bottom , and nobody wins. Neither you, nor your competitors.

Your competitors will lose business to you but you will not make ends meet anyway. It could even drive you out of business.