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Do people perceive you as cheap?

Or have a problem building trust and closing sales?

If you’ve been experiencing any of these in your company, chances are

you don’t have a strong positioning in the market and are being perceived as a cheap brand.


Often when this happens business owners opt to lower their prices.

But that starts a race to the bottom, and nobody wins. Neither you nor your competitors.

Your competitors will lose business to you but you will not make ends meet anyway. 

It could even drive you out of business.

What Investing in Your Brand Can do for You


Imagine you instead invested in your Brand and made it more desirable to find a stronger place in the market.
You focus on really describing the benefits. Add a strong tagline to your logo, create a
sexy-looking brand and some nice packaging.

You invest in your brand to make it look really slick. Analyse your target audience and create
different packaging flavours to service different industries.
You create professionally branded slide decks for your
sales team. Throw in a nice recorded video demo of your product and start wowing your prospects.

You do this so well that you can increase your prices by 25% and buy that cool office slide
you saw on in a picture of the Google offices.

Now imagine you don’t do that and opt to keep a cheap brand and weak messaging,
people won’t aspire to buy from you, no matter how cheap you go.

Your Logo is not your Brand,

but it all begins with a strong Logo

Identity. Design.


Your LOGO is the simplest and most tangible reflection of the brand and needs to do a great job of being the core symbol

and message that introduces you in a way that instantly applies to

the kind of people you want to attract. It usually contains a visual symbol and a short message.


Your Brand’s IDENTITY is the image of your business, the collection of its visual touchpoints:

  • The Logo (The symbol of the entire identity & brand)
  • Stationery (Letterhead, business card etc.)
  • Marketing Collateral (Brochures, Leaflets, eBooks, websites, etc.)
  • Packaging (The packaging of your products/services)
  • Uniforms (Clothing items worn by your staff)
  • Signage (Interior & exterior design)
  • Messaging (Messages conveyed through indirect or direct communications)
  • Video (What’s the sound of your brand, how does it animate/move?)

All of these things make up an identity and together support and deliver the brand.

The logo is your mark, the thumbprint of your business.

How we define your brand

You can probably tell from our name, we love brands. We invest a lot of time and love into finding the right one for your business.

We believe that a brand is not just the expression of everything your business aspires to be, but it also carries the blueprint of the

entrepreneur that envisioned it. Before we embark onto the journey of creating your brand, we take the time to get to know you.


We ask about your story, your business’ journey and your company’s aspirations, its core values.

We want to know about your clients and your industry and especially inquire about the clients you aspire to win over in

the future or new industries you intend to break into. We leave no stone unturned to make sure we give you

the best set of Logo Identity options we possibly can so that you have plenty of choice and room to explore your personal taste.


We begin by brainstorming with you. We invite you for a real or digital coffee,

where you can sit back and simply answer our questions and explore ideas. We then move to the sketching phase where we explore different forms, shapes and colours.

We show you our best ones and move forward based on your feedback.  At this stage, the brand starts taking shape and we add in the messaging.


Once you have given us feedback about the second stage we finalize the options and present you with mock-ups of what your

new business density will look like on a business card, website and letterhead. At this stage, we look at revisions and finishing touches.


We add imagery and develop your Brand book.

Et voila, you have a Brand that attacts like a sexy french model.

Here are some logos we’ve created for our clients (no wolf whistles please):

Our Creative Design Team

Our team provides an all-inclusive creative design services, beginning with the Logo identity, stationery and Brand Guidelines,

extending into Product Branding and Packaging, Brochure and Leaflet Design, Posters, Banners and any other form of print or digital design requirements.

Need some help with a new brand or to refresh an old one? Let’s talk over a coffee!

Need some help with a new brand or to refresh an old one?

Let’s talk over a coffee!

Meet our Creative Director, Jody

Having co-founded Defined Branding back in 2008, Creative Director Jody Fiteni has successfully delivered on countless creative campaigns for a wide range of clients both large and small.  Over the course of 25+ years, Jody has gained much experience and insight from his years in London and working for Malta’s top Advertising & Marketing Agencies JPA, MAS, ANG, Ogilvy Malta and Lighthouse – working on a wide array of accounts from startups to leading global and local brands such as HSBC Bank (Malta), Betsson Group, NETENT, Tangiers International, SIGMA, Bank of Valletta, Alf. Mizzi & Sons (Marketing) and many more.

As Creative Director leading the creative team, Jody has overseen integrated advertising campaigns across various emerging channels, TV, print, digital and social as well as leading rebranding and design efforts for large-scale, national campaigns, corporate identity development and Brand stewardship. By working directly with clients Jody has developed strong relationships which deliver strategic and emotionally-resonant creative that successfully achieves business goals and bottom-line profitable outcomes.