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Do you want more visibility, attention and engagement but not sure where to start?


Have you considered TV Commercials and Online Video?



A lot of people struggle with this and their first reaction is to create more content more frequently. Unfortunately, the only thing this achieves with the 2020 algorithms of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is less visibility due to spammy behaviour. Do you feel like your marketing messages are being drowned in a flurry of social media activity?

Online Video helps you cut through the noise.

The best way to cut through the noise on social media is to create video content. Video content is very flexible and you can make a reasonable budget go a very long way if your productions are well planned. It’s also ideal if you struggle to explain the full range of features and benefits of your product or service, because you can deliver a complex message much more quickly.

You can create a video production which acts as a 5 minute corporate video and then plan it in a way that it can be edited down into 5 to 10 videos for social media. You can also add different calls-to-action. Throw in an edit for TV and use the videos in your Facebook advertising campaigns to keep your spend low.

What’s more, uploading your videos on Youtube and embedding them on your website will also help you rank higher in search engines and boost your traffic. No matter which angle you look at it from, it’s a win-win.

Video Marketing Agency: From Planning to Production

We create many different types of video content. The way you plan it depends on the type you pick:

Corporate Videos

These can be full productions shot on your premises by our in-house camera team. Our creative director will prepare a shoot plan and all your staff will be advised on how to prepare for the day. Sometimes props are required, however most of the time we opt for natural shots that show your brand clearly, and make you look professional.

We complement your shots with stock footage of Malta or other relevant themes that make your production look high-end.

We then pick the right music and hire a professional voice-over to make the video more easily viewable and professional. If the video is going to be used on social media or at a noisy conference we also recommend using captions.

Product Demos

Product demos can be created for any product not just software. If you offer a tech service such as call center support that is based on software, you can create a demo that your salespeople can use to explain the benefits and features of your product/service. This makes it easy for you to get leads from your website by promising a demo. If you do not have a sales team the demo can also be automatically emailed to all your leads, and sales elicited through an email sequence.

Social Media Videos

We create Facebook feed videos and FB + IG Stories Video because video on social is where it’s at. We produce highly professional ads for your feed to position your Brand and repurpose across the internet. We can either shoot them with your products or create animations that describe your service. We can also create little animations from still images. And if you don’t have quality product images, don’t worry we offer photography too.

Online Advertising Videos

Most of our clients add Facebook and Instagram Advertising to their campaigns. We use videos to keep ad cost low and create warm audiences that already know you – they are easier to sell to later when you have an offer running.

We also produce more traditional video formats that can be used as pre-roll ads for the or Youtube, as well as animated gifs or video ads for Google advertising and similar SEM campaigns.

Website Homepage and Youtube Videos

We can also create productions that are especially created for your homepage or featured video on your Youtube channel. This type of video is often a quick introduction to your company and what you do. The length is often between 1 and 3 minutes because it’s played on the go, very often on mobile.

Webinars and Live Videos

Probably the best brand-builders in online business, we couldn’t leave out webinars and lives. If you’re not doing them yet, get in touch, we can help you get the tech, confidence and logistics sorted.

If you are doing them, you have a goldmine of quality content! We can edit and repurpose your video productions into Youtube videos, short teasers for social media, extract the sound and turn them into podcasts or edit them into video adverts.

Launch Videos

If you’re launching a product, service or website soon you will likely create a launch campaign. Complementing your launch campaign with video will help  you reach more people online and grow your social following faster. It will also help you get your message across more easily. Position your brand in a strong manner, making sure that your message is not misunderstood and people start using your product more quickly.

We can also script sales videos that are based on a proven sales script technique to help you sell more products and services.

Our Video Production Team

Our in-house team provides 360 degree video production.. We have our own green screen studio in San Gwann,

which is fully equipped with professional lighting and a separate sound studio for recording voice-overs, jingles and musicians.

We’re also professionally equipped to do on-site photography and video shoots.

We provide professional scripting, captioning and video editing services too. As well as 3D animation and original jingles.

Not sure which type of video will benefit your brand the most and fit your budget?  Let’s talk over a digital coffee.

Let’s discuss your project over a coffee, or on a Zoom Call?

Meet our Videographer

Interactive media production graduate with over 5 years of experience in audiovisual productions. Karolis always had passion for computers from a very early age and that actually grew while experimenting with music production and video editing as well as motion graphics. He loves all aspects of production from initial planning stage and pre-production to shooting on location, editing during post production and always trying to implement latest techniques and trends that are relevant to the project.