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Does your sales team know where their next lead is coming from?

If you answered no, or a drop of sweat appeared on your brow, you may need to up your content marketing game. When people realize they need more leads in their business, they often book more magazine adverts, buy billboard space or send out press releases… but still they get no leads, or very little to show for their big spend.

The problem with these channels is that they cost a lot, it’s hard to get people to take action,

and what’s worse, you cannot measure your Return on Investment.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Management Leader Peter Drucker

What a Solid Content Marketing Strategy Will do For You

A solid content marketing strategy will give you exact numbers to work with. We identify your exact financial goal and break that down into smaller marketing targets.

Our goal is to help you reach a point in your business where you know how much you will get back for every marketing euro you spend.

But let’s make one point clear first. Everyone seems to have a different definition for content marketing.  (you clicked on the button so you probably know, but bear with me just a minute or skip the next two paragraphs)…

What is content marketing? Let’s
define it.

It is more or less accepted that Content Marketing refers to the creation and promotion of online content such as images, text, video (live or recorded) and sound (podcasts) to create online marketing campaigns. It includes blogs, videos, podcasts, downloadable whitepapers or e-books, website copy, Facebook adverts etc. All of these elements work together in an orchestrated way to bring in leads from your website a.k.a getting more people to get in touch with you and ask for your services or products…


A content marketing strategy includes blogging, social media posts, email harvesting, email newsletters,  online video and perhaps Facebook paid advertising to promote your content.

All of of the above work together, within your website and on social media to:

>> increase the traffic of your website
>> grow the awareness and authority of your Brand
>> rank your website on the first page in Google results
>> turn website visitors into paying clients
>> educate your online audience into buying your services/products
>> educate your current clients to stimulate a second purchase
>> generate leads for your sales team
>> turn email subscribers into paying clients
>> get more business inquiries from your website

These elements work together in carefully crafted, yet simple online funnels

whose work is to provide you with leads and nurture prospects along your customer journey.

Results you can expect from Content Marketing


We realized early on in our business that clients who attended our content marketing strategy meetings to define their current situation and define their goals were more successful at generating more leads form their website than those that bought online content in separate chunks. As a result they redirected more of their marketing spend to online channels that can be measured. It’s very exciting to have a predictable way of multiplying the money in your business, investing more is often a no-brainer.

By creating a clear plan, measuring ROI and tracking their progress towards their goals we created a system that is simple to understand, execute and scale. This is today known as our Profitable Content Marketing System.

What Content did for our clients

Through Content Marketing we helped clients like Enteractive, Buffer Boys, Oxypue and Endeavour improve customer acquisition, grow their website traffic and spread brand awareness. Whether your core marketing KPIs revolve around new acquisitions, web traffic, education, reputation management or simply cold hard sales, our content marketing team will align and fine-tune your marketing efforts to help you achieve your goals.

Our content team consists of first-language English language writers with various specializations such as Tech, SAAS, Accounting, B2B Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Legal, Health, iGaming, Financial etc.. We also service more common topics such as recipes, cocktails, wellness, lifestyle, motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, dieting and much more…

Our managed content marketing solutions are designed to boost your ROI. By working together for a number of months we can give you insights that work for your company and industry. We work hard to provide you with a simple formula that will change the way your business does its marketing.

Our Content Team

Our team provides fully managed content marketing solutions for the B2B, Ecommerce and Service sectors including;

Content Audits, Website SEO-ed copywriting, Weekly blog posts, Educational articles, eBooks & Whitepapers, Cornerstone Articles,

Social media creative and management, eBooks, Pitch decks, Videos, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Funnel Design and consultancy.

Are you interested in understanding if this is right for you?

Let’s talk over a coffee.

Meet our Team Lead


Stephanie helps SaaS businesses, Tech B2B companies, coaches and online entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and get more leads using proven content marketing strategies and effective SEO techniques.

She has managed the DB online marketing team for over 11 years and has also grown an international business from her home in Malta. She is your go-to guru if you want a strategy that gets you clients online with a strong ROI.